Light of the World Ministries, Inc. was incorporated on September 11, 2011 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Before Light of the World was birthed, Pastor Eddie and Melle pioneered another church for which they oversee since November 2007. Then in 2011, out of greed they were force to leave the church for which they have labored and invested so much on. They left, thinking that the congregation they nurtured and mentored over the span of four years would stay behind, but to their surprise, no one stayed behind, all followed Pastor Ed.



They ended up worshiping the following Sunday in the back garage of Pastor Eddie.    Men and women got together and used their skills in construction and strength and build up a beautiful sanctuary in what is to be the fifth floor of the house.    A merely 18 x 40 ft in dimension to fit over a hundred congregants.     Their first Sunday Worship was pitiful as it was raining and the wind blows the hardest on the mountaintop.    As the voices raised up to worship, so were the howling wind that blows away the children’s make up classes outside in tents.   The youth sat on the floor, the children sat on the stairs steps.   Those who could not come up the very steep driveway to the back of the house, was whisk in the house elevator.  As the rain comes pouring down, the children began to march by ages and classes down the stairs to Pastor Ed’s living room on the second floor, then the older ones on the third and the nursery on the fourth floor.    




Every time the door to the back sanctuary opens, you will find shoes of many different kind and shapes.    No one was allowed to bring in their shoes in the sanctuary.   They worshipped the Lord without shoes.   But they were faithful to pray and remind God for their need of a place to worship.   The prayer request of a particular place “Mapunapuna” was set in motion.   They prayed fervently and Ptra. Melle’s quest to look for a place was on a daily basis.    Then a most beautiful thing happened, when a realtor ask if they were interested in buying a property.    She said no, but considered it after she saw the price of the building.




Ptra. Melle shared the news with Pastor Ed and right away a Board meeting was call into order.   A few of the Board were not sure, but in the end they had only their faith that everything will be provided for.   A building that had been worth a little over a million dollars is on sale for $100 thousand is highly unbelievable and it is located on a prime industrial area, exactly as requested in prayer.   Needless to say, they made an offer of $80,000 as per the Pastor.   The realtor would not believe that the owners of the building would accept that amount, there is just no way.   But they firmly said, that’s what God says, so they offered the $80,000.   The realtor, in disbelief says, they will simply not accept this offer.  The offer was made on a Wednesday, the realtor called on a Friday to congratulate the church for the acceptance of their offer.  Reality took place as the church had a measly few hundred dollars in the bank.  How will they ever expect to come out with the deposit?   Well, they prayed and fasted for God to provide and to guide.     


Miracles upon miracles came to Light of the World Ministries.   The International Pentecostal Holiness Church had come to offer their help to finance the building and its construction through   Extention Loan Fund.   The  board were skeptical at first as LotWM is not a member or affiliated to this denomination at all.   They did not even know them, but in the end IPHC Extension Loan Fund help with the financing and legal processing of the purchase.     It took a long 7 months to finally get the legal work and the purchase of the building was finalized.


Every man, women and children came to rejoice.   Right away a prayer worship was offered to the Lord.   How kind and generous is our God.   LotWM would never have expected to have such a beautiful place of worship.   What was to be an empty lone warehouse was now turned into a most beautiful sanctuary.  Praise the Lord.



Pastor Ed and Melle prayed for specific men and women to come and help them to lead the ministries.  One by one God granted everything that they had ask for.    Many came and have gone, but the church continues to praise God for all that He has done.   The vacant ministries were slowly, but surely filled by passionate, loving and committed brothers and sisters who are more than willing to serve God



Pastors Ed and Melle flew to Portland, Oregon to oversee a church that is about to begin and 40 more people added to the Kingdom of God.   Light of the World Ministries – Portland Ohana was birthed in 2013.    Philippines is also calling for LotWM’s and off the team go and get the church going in Taguig City, Philippines o the same year.    The past 7 years have been a year of traveling to and fro to train and equip the leadership team of LotWM.    A Missions Team was inducted so as to provide fundings and leadership to the ever growing Missions.    


In July of 2015, LotWM partnered with Bro. Ricky and Sis Salve Arroyo of Cebu.  They are commissioned to locate for a place where they can grow.   By divine appointment, God led Sis. Salve to the abandoned Club House on a hilltop overseeing the city of Cebu.   They offered LotWM only the renovation cost of P1.5M and a minimal monthly rent for 25 year lease.   Everyone was excited and prayed to God for His ultimate purpose.  If God had called us to have this place, He will provide and put everything in its place.  With a few issues and challenges, the Club House became LotWM Worship Center.    


Urdaneta and Binalonan Pangasinan were added into the Ohana in 2018 as well as going to the south end of Mindanao, LotWM Molave were also birthed.   Today, LotWM continues to trust God for everything.   The extravagant favor of God continues to manifest in the life of the church.   As God leads, so we will follow.   For where God leads, He will provide.  To Him Be All Glory And ALL the Honor!  AMEN!

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We are a church who wants to develop a shepherd’s heart so that we will be able to teach and preach the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to the world, regardless of race, color and tongue.



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