Prayer Warriors/ Intercessory Prayers Ministry 

The Power of Prayer sets the foundation of every church and is the heartbeat of every ministry.   We fervently pray without ceasing for you and every situation that happens in the world.    If you have a heart of compassion for the needs of people, perhaps this is for you.   Our prayer meetings currently include the following:


Intercession Before Services:   Join the team together as a corporate unit and pray for God’s powerful anointing to flow as the Word of God is preached.   We meet before every services on Sundays 10:15am and Evening Services at 5:45pm.   The focal point of our prayer is the outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit, salvation of souls and the anointing of the Holy Spirit on the preaching of His Word.


Prayer and Fast:   Every first Monday of the month @ 7:00pm.    leads the group to seek the face of Heavenly Father.   We get down on our knees to pray for everyone’s need and intercede for those who are in authority.  


Corporate Prayer:    Prayer Warriors gather together every Mondays @ 10am with the Esther’s Champion and Fridays at 7:00pm to intercede for others need, the ministry, evangelism and anything and everything that God lays upon our hearts.    We usually take advantage of this opportunity to exercise the gifts of the Holy Spirit as he moves.   

Sunday School Children’s Ministry

We put importance in educating our small children in the ways of the Lord.   This is their time to learn and grasp the principles of the Word of God.   Our teachers are spirit-filled, fun loving teachers who love to impart Godly wisdom to our children.


Jesus Little Angels:   (Nursery)

0-2 years old 


Kingdom Kids:    (Toddlers)

3-5 years old


The Shepherd Zone:

6-8 years old


Daniel’s Den:

9-11 years old

In His Care Ministry

In His Care is a visitation ministry reaching out with love of God to those in nursing homes, confined at home or in the hospital.   They take the team to visit as needed as they take the joy of sharing the love of God in fellowship and in sharing the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  They prayerfully pray for encouragement, healing, strength and blessing to their host.   Call this ministry for visitation needs.

Men on the Move Ministry

Strong and Godly men leading, godly men for Christ.   Focused men, leading victorious lives with their families as they journey towards home with Christ.  We at LotWM believe that man are called by God to lead our homes.   Strong churches are led by man who are great leaders at home.    So we take great and careful steps to get every man to become leaders of their respective homes.

Christ Driven Youth Ministry (CDYM)

Christ Driven Youth Ministry is a group of youth and young adults (12 to 25) who are faithfully walking their walk of faith in a Christ rejecting generation.   We give importance to raising and training and empowering our leaders of tomorrow.   We recognized that if we do not plant the word of God in their hearts, today, the next generation will die.


Come and join us : Fridays at 7pm

Women of Influence Ministry

We are women who are influenced by influential women of God, who will in turn influenced other women who has been through impossible situation, drawing them close to the heart of Christ.  We meet every last Saturday of the month at 6:30pm @ the church.

Community Service

We try to help others to look for employment or at least help them to prepare for job interviews.    If anyone need any help at all, we are here to extend a helping hand.   Need prayer?  We are here.  You need direction?  We are here.  You need a place to live?  We can help.   Are you moving?  Need Help?  Light of the World is here to help you in any way we can.

Sarah’s Legacy Senior

Just as Sarah was never too old to birth a son, so are the seniors at LotWM.  They are never too old to serve God.   They are always looking for ways to help and express their God given gifts.

Light of the World Ministries,  always make it a priority to help those that are in need within the church or even the community.   The following are used as a tool to reach out to  other churches and the community at large.  It is for this reason that Light of the World Ministries exist, to give light into a dimming society.

The Aloha Team

Also known as the Ushers/Greeters team.   The Aloha Team are usually the first people a visitor has contact with; therefore, we become the first representation of a church encounter.  This ministry ensures that the service is executed in an orderly manner and making sure that the church is clean ready to welcome God’s beautiful people.   Servants in this ministry exemplifies a heartfull of love in welcoming people,  tending to the needs of others and making sure that a big smile is always a must.

Video /Photography

Mission of the Video and Photo Dept is to provide quality photography and videography for the purpose of assisting the Pastoral Staff, Ministry Leadership and the church as a whole.  They serve to capture the special events and activities that takes place at LotWM.


The Media staff serves the pastoral staff and music department through the projection of songs, Scriptures and video.   This ministry is instrumental to the flow of the service and provides direction for the singers and congregation through the worship service.

Worship and the Arts Ministry

It is always a joy to lead others to the throne of God.   At Light of the World, we especially love music.   We love to worship and praise God with today’s Christian music.  We are a fun loving, joyful church that are not ashamed to express our love for our Lord Jesus Christ through singing, dancing and the clapping of our hands.

Practices are held every Saturday at 2pm

Food/Refreshment Ministry

We are blessed with a group of diligent women who are great in culinary expertise.   We are never lack in superb, great mouth watering treats, be it after service for lunch, Bible Studies, any events or even just a fellowship.   Food is always a treat at LotWM.

Sound Tech

This ministry is responsible in providing a clean and clear mode of audible communication to the congregation.  The ministry is a great technical support to the Pastor or any of the speakers, the music ministry, worship team and the culture and the arts team.   We are living in a high tech society where the message needs to be heard with clarity and understanding and the Word of God comes alive through media and recorded live so that the message will not just be heard within the four walls of the church, but even to the ends of the earth.  Videography captures the fullness of our worship services.

Security/ Parking Ministry

Today, though we trust God for everything, we are no longer living in a safe society.  We have faithful men surveying the area as the service is ongoing.   Not only do we feel safer inside the building, but it is good to maintain a level of safety in the parking lot as well.  We value the safety of God’s people and we also do the honor of parking your car, too.

Building Construction | Groundskeeper

This ministry is responsible for the upkeep of the building and its grounds.   They are responsible in maintaining the small repairs done to the building in and out.    Such responsibilities are painting, outside grounds cleaning, landscaping, light bulb changing, roof leak or anything pertaining to the upkeep of the Building.

The Blessing Room and Food Bank

Our Blessing Room is established to provide emergency needs such as food and clothing for LotWM’s members and the community.   Matthew 10:9 says that what you “freely” receive, freely give.  The Blessing Room is open to anyone who may need temporary assistance with food and clothing.

Transportation Ministry

We are a church who wants to give everyone the chance to hear the Word of God.   If transportation is a problem to church . . . don’t worry, we make sure that you are not left behind.

Mission Outreach International

With our Missions outreach, we partner and plant churches all over the world, wherever the Lord will take us.  Our Missions Team create and look for ways to fund the work in the mission field.   The missions team will walk and fund the church plant until it becomes self sufficient.   We bring priority to the call of the Great Commission. We are a church who value evangelism, the reaching of one more soul for the Kingdom of Heaven.

Hospitality Ministry

This team serves the Pastoral Staff, Guest Speakers and new attenders in the church.    They are responsible in ensuring that the Pastoral Staff and Guest Speakers properly served.    They tend to the newly church attenders needs such as in making sure that they make them comfortable from beginning experience to the end of the service.

Building Maintenance/
Janitorial Services

We are a church which values cleanliness and excellence.    Building and maintenance team makes sure that the church in all aspect is clean and ready to be use on days we meet.   Building and Maintenance team are responsible in the cleaning and over all maintenance of our building.   We take great care in the things that God has entrusted to us.

Events and Activities Coordinator

Events and Activities Department coordinates all the in and out activities of the church.   They make plans and create logistics to pursue their goal in setting up a fun loving, God centered, family oriented events and activities

Bulletin and Newsletter

It is the responsibility of our Bulletin and Newsletter to report the happenings and the events and activities of the church.  They serve as an informational tool to the congregants as well as outside the church.

Praise Him:  Performing Arts

Praise Him Performing Arts is an outreach ministry committed to proclaim the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ through dramatic musicals, concerts, dance (hip-hop, interpretive, hula) and the performing arts.   LotWM welcome people of all ages come and to learn how to play instruments, vocal lessons, dance (hula, hip-hop, interpretive) and drama.   At the end of the season, they use what they’ve learned on a stage concerts, using as a tool for evangelism.

Home Bible Study

Growing in the Word and our faith is very important our Christian walk.   People who hunger for deep, authentic relationships with God is welcome to join these HBS.    Through Home Bible Study, fellowship with fellow brethren’s in Christ are also ways to strengthen great relationships.   These Bible Study fellowships will also give teachers and ministers the opportunity to use their God-given gifts and abilities to teach the people of God His word.    These teachers will connect in ways that will encourage and challenge spiritual growth as well as build the kind of life giving that will impact our community and the world.   


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We are a church who wants to develop a shepherd’s heart so that we will be able to teach and preach the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to the world, regardless of race, color and tongue.



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