SCRIPTURES:  The unadulterated Word of the One and Only Living God.   We diligently study it, meditate it, teach it and preach it, so that we will not only spectators, but participators, not only be hearers, but doers of what the Spirit of God is saying.


PRAYER:  Prayer is the foundation of a victorious church.    God wants us to have an intimate relationship with Him.   We get closer to God when we pray.    The more we come before Him in prayer our faith is strengthens and it grows.   Prayer is a means of discerning God’s will for the ministry and for our lives.   


EVANGELISM:  We are indeed living in the Last Days.   The world is in desperate need of a Savior.   There is an urgency for the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to be heard and today is the best time for evangelism.   The mission field is filled with the great opportunities for the message of the gospel to be heard, not only those within our reach, but even those of the ends of the earth. One more heart, one more soul, one precious soul is the heart of God.


HOLINESS:  It is very important to live our lives set apart and in purity of heart.   Jesus called us to life of purity and light to this world.   We must walk in the light of Christ, so that we can fulfill a life of holiness.     


DISCIPLESHIP:  People joining the church just to be save is not the plan of God.   It is our part to disciple them so that they too may go out there and bear much fruit.   Discipling believers leads to church multiplication.    New believers must be moved from membership to maturity and ministry.    Every member must become a part of the ministry. 


DEVELOP LEADERS:  One of the reasons we have struggled to build larger churches is our failure to developed leaders.  God will not send people to church that is not equipped to lead them.  It is proven that a church without leaders is not a growing church.   We need to come out of ourselves and begin to other’s gifting through the eyes of God.   No man is an island.


CHURCH PLANTING:  It is said, “the secret to multiplication for the church is to plant new congregations”.  We are believing God to help us become a church planting movement.   If we are to be called a church planting church, we must always be on the look out for new leaders and new places.   New churches are the most effective in reaching for the lost.


RADICAL GENEROSITY:  We need to be a people walking in the generosity of our God.    Stingy people cannot walk in the impartation of multiplication.   When God begins to move to give abundant harvest, he lifts the poverty mentality and gives His people a radical generosity.  God is blessing LoTWM with radical generosity.   

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We are a church who wants to develop a shepherd’s heart so that we will be able to teach and preach the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to the world, regardless of race, color and tongue.



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