Senior Pastor


Pastor Eddie as everyone knows him to be, is the primary teacher of the Word at Light of the World Ministries. He boldly teaches the Word in a most simplistic way for which people understand and relate. He believes that God’s Word does not need big words or eloquent theology to connect to people, because it is God’s Word that transforms and change people’s lives. Hebrew 13:8 Jesus is “The same, yesterday, today and forever”. Before Pastor Ed answered the calling of God for his life, he was a very popular entertainer, a businessman/contractor, who also tried his hands in the world of politics. God neither called him to serve in the world, but has obediently gave up his life on the limelight to become a servant of the Most High God.


It is his joy to see one more soul come into the Kingdom of God and witness transformed lives begin to joyfully serve our King. Pastor Ed is an ordained International Bishop and holds a Ph.D in Theology. He faithfully serves in the ministry with his beautiful wife, Melle and their four daughters Angel, Kristianne, Adrienne, Aimee, and Edie Justine. Just recently, two kidlings are added to the family, their grandchildren, Alexandria Charis, and Raymund Eddie.


Associate Pastor/Administrator


As the saying goes, “Beside a successful man, is a woman.”, perfectly describe the role of Pastor Melle in the life of her lifelong partner, Pastor Eddie. From the very beginning of the ministry, she joined hands with her husband by putting her fingerprint in every area of the churches ministries. She stands alongside those who are willing to serve God in a most special way and patiently trains them, teaching them the ways to serve God is to get down low.   She utilizes her administrative skills in overseeing the entire church administrative operation. She travels extensively to structure their outreach ministries to become self-sufficient churches in the Philippines, Micronesia, and mainland USA. Pastor Melle has the inept ability to teach, and has a great passion to share the love of Christ to anyone, in particular - women who are less fortunate in love and in life. For this reason, she is a bold speaker on behalf of women.


Associate Pastor


She is the oldest daughter of Pastor Ed and Melle. At a very youngage, Kris has been put to serve into the ministry. She was 9 years oldwhen she began to play drums in the Worship Team. She practicallyplays any of the basic instruments and the saxophone, which gave herthe privilege to teach others the ways and means of music. At the ageof 16 and under the tutelage of her parents, she has taken the challenge to lead the youth ministry, better known as the Christ Driven Youth Ministry. It is indeed, very rare to find a young teen as Kris, sodedicated her life to a cause so much bigger than her own. In her littlecar she picks up, and drops off any youth needing a ride to churchevents; often making several trips per functions. She never complainsand is selfless with her time, putting others needs before her own.She displays a great passion for service and a profound sense ofresponsibility in doing God’s work.  Pastor Kris, has taken a few yearsleave to attend Southwestern Christian University in Bethany,Oklahoma to further her education. She will receive her Bachelors ofScience in Liberal Studies with a concentration in History and Theology on April 2018, one of the top students. And hopes to finish with a Masters of Ministry in Biblical Counseling (M.Min). So that somedayshe will be even more powerful and purposeful speaker for the Lord Jesus Christ for the world. Kristianne currently travels the continental USA to lead worship in conferences playing drums, guitar, bass or simply the keyboard.


Finance Director


Hopie Cresencia, Finance Director and an outstanding Bible Study Teacher, one of the pioneering pillars of LOTWM. Hopie and her husband Charlie, remains faithful and a great support to the ministry,in spite of many challenges. They faithfully gave their time, talent,and treasure for the advancement of God’s Kingdom. They areblessed with four beautiful children, Josiah, Jayden, Jordan, andJustin.


Micronesian Pastor


Robinson Edward, began the outreach ministry of LotWM Micronesia. He is a great example of a man with a servant’s heart. A very quiet man, obedient to the call of God. Together with his  7 |LOTWM’S MANUAL 2016 wife, Rebecca, they work tirelessly and faithfully in the ministry, expressing love and encouragement to all. They have five children, Kingston, Laris, Robinette, Melle Magdalene and Marie Christine.


Minister of Music


Youth Pastor


Minister of the Children’s Ministry

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